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Secoh SLL-40A Septic Air Pump

by Secoh
  12 Reviews
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Secoh SLL-40A Septic Air Pump


**Secoh discontinued the SLL-40A model and replaced it with their new and improved JDK-40A model. Please follow the link below to purchase the upgraded model, made by the same manufacturer!** The SLL-40A is no longer in stock

If you are searching for an aerator pump that is built to last, the Secoh brand should always come to mind. The Japanese company prides itself on creating products that are long-lasting and get the job done. If you are specifically looking for a pond or water garden aeration pump, consider the Secoh SLL- 40.

The Secoh SLL-40A is a 40 LPM aerator pump that has an attached alarm to let you know when there is an issue with the unit. With an average of five years needed between regular service checks, the Secoh SLL-40A is the low- maintenance pump you are looking for. The Secoh SLL-40A operates at a maximum depth of five feet, so if you’re looking for a small to midsize aerator pump, this product should work just fine for your all your needs.

It’s weatherproof design makes it durable for any climate, pond or garden to provide a solid performance in septic aeration. The certified UL outdoor rating ensures that this pump will last under various conditions. It’s compact size and low vibration design makes it virtually silent, so it will not disturb your everyday lifestyle.

The Secoh SLL-40A includes an oilless diaphragm linear air pump that operates by moving magnets back and forth between electromagnets, at the same frequency as its power supply. The magnet is connected to a pair of diaphragms and as the magnet oscillates, it changes the valve box volume to create a vacuum-like pressure. The Secoh SLL-40’s limited power consumption of 45 watts makes it a favorite of homeowners.

Along with a one-year warranty, Secoh SLL-40 Details:

  • Rubber 90 Connection Fitting
  • These specifications are results for a system with a 120-volt power source
  • Most power providers within the United States provide VAC at 60 Hz
  • 45 Watts are required for this product
  • This product’s ideal operating pressure is 1.7 PSI
  • Ideal airflow through the outlet of this product is 46 liters per minute
  • The maximum airflow through the outlet of this product is 50 liters per minute
  • The noise level of this product will be about the average noise level within a home.
  • Includes a pressure tap location for external alarm sensor
  • Oil free operation


Rated Voltage 115 VAC

Power supply Frequency 60 Hz

Power Consumption 45 W

Rated Loading Pressure 1.7 PSI

Maximum Airflow 50 L / min 1.8 cfm

Airflow Volume (@ rated pressure) 46 L / min 1.6 cfm

Noise Level 39 dB(A)

Weight Approx. 11 lbs.

Length 10.01 In

Width Approx. 10 In

Height 7 In

For more information on Secoh air pumps and other products, check out the large selection of models we carry.

You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself. Secoh SLL-40 are Registered Trademarks of Secoh. Under no circumstances is Wholesale Septic Supply representing to the general public that it is an Authorized Distributor, Dealer, or is affiliated with those companies with whom we make product comparisons or with any products we sell.


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