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Septic Air Pump Alarm Hose

A septic air pump alarm hose runs from your septic air pump to the pressure switch in your control panel.
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  • If are installing a new septic tank control panel or alarm for the first time, you must ensure you have all the necessary equipment before setting up your new system. While many alarms and control panels come with most of the necessary equipment, it is important to ensure you have the proper hose.

    This tube transfers the air that operates the switch and lets the control panel know that is is going to the septic system. The pressure switch will detect any variations in your air pressure. If the air pressure drops below the minimum threshold, the pressure switch will cause your alarm to sound. This will alert you of any issues, and allow you to fix the problem before costly repairs arise.

    This Septic Air Pump Alarm Hose is not just for new control panels or alarms. After many years, your old air pump alarm hose can start to degrade. If your hose has tears or holes, it will not be able to properly monitor your air pressure. This is a huge issue because you can receive false alarms. Furthermore, your system may not recognize when the pressure is falling, so you could not be alerted at all. If your air pump hose is showing wear, this Septic Air Pump Alarm Hose is an exact replacement.

    This versatile hose is easy to replace and should fit onto any diaphragm pump air barb. It should also fit with the corresponding switch in the control panel.

    This Septic Air Pump Alarm Hose is sold in 5-foot sections. If you need 5 feet to the hose, you should order one quantity. However, if you need more than that, you should increase the order quantity. For example, two quantities are equivalent to 10 feet of Septic Air Pump Alarm Hose.

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