SP-400 Septic Tank Alarm

The SP-4000 high water alarm monitors the water levels in sump basins, holding tanks, lift stations, and many other non-potable water and wastewater applications. The unit is used as alert/ alarm system for when your septic system is reaching maxim capacity due to pump or float switch failure. This helps save you the headache of a flood in the house due to the pump going out, and alerts you that there is an issue. You set the float switch at a predeterminable height in the system if the water goes above that height the alarm will sound alerting you to an issue with the system. The alarm can be silenced, and the red light will stay on till the water level goes back down or the problem is fixed.

The unit is made from NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosure with external mounting feet with a gasket in the door it is designed for outdoor use. It has a large red watertight light, the front cover mounted piezo alarm, with Test and Silence push button switches. It comes with, mounting brackets, and a 6-foot power cord for easy hook up.

External Mounting Feet for quick installation
Test and Silence Button
Type 4x non-metallic enclosure for indoor and outdoor use
6 foot, 120 vac power cord
Installing on a separate circuit allows the unit to operate in the event of pump circuit failure
Two years limited warranty
Dimensions 8"x4"x4.25"
Weight 2lbs
6-foot power cord
Type 4x non-metallic enclosure for indoor and outdoor use
External mounting feet 3.5"x5.5"x4"



Ask a Question
  • I want to install a visible (light ) alarm for our gray water tank. There is a 110 power source at the tank site for the lift pump. The light would be on the 4 x 4 post which has the 110 outlet. Does your SP-04000 High Water alarm have a float switch? If not what kind of a switch do I need to install this alarm?

    you can use a mercury float by sje rombus https://www.wholesalesepticsupply.com/collections/sje-rhombus-float-switch/products/sje-rhombus-p-n-1017956-aerobic-septic-alarm-float-switch?variant=4540099012 to accomplish this 

  • Does it use a normally open or closed float switch

    You can use either a normaly open float switch or normally closed since they both have to close contact to work. The only diffrence is they close contact in a different position. So you can use either float switch if you want.