Tuf-Tite 24" Domed Septic Tank Cover

Tuf-Tite 24" Domed Septic Tank Cover

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This standard  Tuf-Tite 24" Domed Septic Tank Cover fits the 24'' diameter Tuf-Tite risers. The Tuf-Tite Riser Lids are made of with the high strength HDPE they are the best risers lids on the market today. These covers can withstand normal residential and light commercial traffic. Tuf-tite 24"domed septic tank lid.


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  • does this cover have like a piece of foam on the bottom side about 11/2 ' thick on the under side

    No, it doesn't have foam on the bottom of it. It does have a gasket to seal it on the outer lip where it sits on the septic tank riser. 

  • Can this be installed without using a riser?

    You can use just a TAR ring but you have to secure it somehow.