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Champion Water Pumps


Perhaps the most vital aspect of any wastewater treatment system: the water pump. The wastewater needs to be moved efficiently through the system, without leaks, stoppages, or other problems. You need a water pump that you can rely on to get the job done and to last a long time. Each job is unique, and one pump doesn’t fit all. Champion water pumps offer different pump systems designed for each specific need, from sewage treatment to agricultural water systems.  

2-Inch Chemical Water Pump

This gas-powered chemical and clear water transfer pump is Champion’s basic model, versatile yet still powerful. This pump is useful for everything from wastewater disposal to emergency flood recovery. It is designed to handle all types of water (including wastewater) as well as fertilizers and pesticides. Once primed, this pump will continue to self-prime, cutting down on maintenance and costs.

The 2-Inch Chemical Water Pump is run by a powerful 196cc engine also manufactured by Champion. Incorporated in the design is an automatic shut off sensor that will turn the pump off when the oil reaches a dangerously low level. The fuel tank can hold up to .9 gallons and the pump is equipped with a fuel gauge to make maintenance simple. This pump is capable of moving 154 gallons of liquid per minute. The frame is constructed of a durable steel and is built to last. The pump’s compact design allows it to be easily stored or moved from place to place.

2-Inch Semi-Trash Water Pump

The Semi-Trash pumps offer the same strength and versatility as the ordinary water pumps but with the added talents of handling some amount of solid trash as well as water. The shafts are silicon carbide, a material known for both water and temperature resistance. This pump is capable of dealing with waste as thick as 9/16 inch.

Up to 158 gallons of wastewater per minute can be pumped with this machine, cutting down on the time and money necessary to complete any job. The 2-Inch Semi-Trash pump also comes with all necessary accessories as well as a wheel kit so you’re ready to go from the start. The pump is lightweight and easily storable. It can be used again and again for each job that arises.

Like the water pumps, the semi-trash pumps are also equipped with an oil level sensor that shuts off the pump when the oil runs too low, effectively protecting the pump from damage. The oil gauge ensures that consumers can easily check the oil levels at their leisure and use the shut off sensor as an emergency backup.

3-Inch Semi-Trash Water Pump

This pump offers everything the 2-Inch Semi-Trash pump does but with a wider inlet capable of dealing with waste up to 3/4 inch wide. Up to 343 gallons of wastewater can be pumped each minute with this powerful machine. This pump also comes with an oil funnel, so you can get started right away.

The 3-inch inlet makes this pump the ideal tool for wastewater jobs, ensuring that larger debris can be effectively pumped through the system with no issues. The 3-Inch Semi-Trash pump is ideal for more commercial areas where there is less control over the use of sewage systems and larger debris is more likely.

Fiberglass reinforcement

All Champion water pumps are made with polyester that has been reinforced with fiberglass. Fiberglass resists chemicals and also strengthens the original plastic by redistributing stress evenly throughout the system, to avoid any one component being overloaded. The inlet and outlet seals of the pump are made of EPDM, an extremely durable synthetic rubber immune to most chemical and physical damage. This makes Champion equipment some of the longest-lasting on the market. Constant replacements and frequent maintenance are unnecessary with Champion products as they are built for the long haul.

Champion Benefits

Champion water pumps are offered in two model types: Canada and the United States. So no matter which country you live in, the right pump is available to you. These pumps are portable but pack a considerable amount of power, capable of completing any size job. All come with the proper fittings and funnel to ensure they can start getting the job done immediately, with no extra shopping trips to delay progress.

The 196cc engine that powers each Champion pump is both powerful and compact. Each pump gets the job done while being unobtrusive and easily portable.

All Champion pumps also come with a 2-year limited warranty and free technical support for the entire life of the product. Champion boasts a nationwide network of service centers, making product support easy for everyone. The pumps are also EPA certified and CARB exempt, making them the smart buy for both the consumer and the environment.