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Rebuild Kit For Gast 0523 W-K478 Rotary Vane Rebuild Kit

The Gast 0523 K478 Rotary Vane Rebuild Kit includes replacement parts and instructions for repairing your existing Gast 0523 series rotary vane aerator/pump. Over time, and with enough use, the vanes within your pump will wear down and need replacing. The vanes have a layer of film to protect from general wear that is broken down over time.
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  • Please Note: GAST™ is a registered trademark of Gast Under no circumstances is Wholesale Septic Supply representing that it is an authorized distributor, dealer or is affiliated with GAST INC

    Please Note: Wholesale Septic Supply’s rotary vane rebuild kit is not a Gast product. Under no circumstances is Wholesale Septic Supply representing that these products originate from Gast.

    Gast rotary vane septic air pumps are quiet, reliable pumps designed to protect against internal corrosion and excessive noise. With their internal sound suppression the units won’t disturb you and their pulse-free high flow air make them ideal for providing your aerobic septic system with a consistent, steady air flow.

    Your pump has two internal filters and you should plan to clean them every six months and replace them once a year. After years of operation, expect the carbon vanes will begin to show signs of wear or, in extreme cases, may shatter. Worn or damaged blades will cause the unit to lose pressure and result in reduced airflow.

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  • Will this kit fit Marathon Electric G588DX model 5KH36KNA510X?

    It won't fix the electric motor itself it will fix the pump end where the vanes are. On the top of the unit, there should be a sticker and tell you the model number 0523 is the number you are looking for.

  • What is difference between kit k487, and k487a I have fast pump to aerate pond . Gast 0523 101Q G588DX is model number. Needs rebuilt not sure which kit.

    no real diffrence one comes with all filters one comes with just the vanes. We send the complete kit with either one. 

  • will it ship immediately

    Yes everything ships same day.