Blue Diamond ET80A Septic Air Pump

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  • Is there a warranty

    Yes the Blue Diamond ET80A has a 1 year warranty. 

  • Will this unit trea my 1500 gallon tank?

    No this is not quite big eneoughto treat 1500 gallons of septic a day. 

  • I wanted to buy this product, but I was not going to use my paypal acct until I knew what the shipping charge was. Please calculate to Kentwood LA, 70444, then we'll see.

    Unless you would like your order expedited for quicker processing (Overnight, etc.), shipping is included in the price.

  • pump alarm wont stop ringing everthing is new in the systrem

    Was the system cleaned out if so there is no back pressure so the alarm switch can be engaged in the off position. You need to fill the aerobic tank so there is back pressure. 

  • Does this pump plug up to a normal 115 volt 20 amp receptical.

    Yes, it does. It comes with the plug or it can be hardwired, depending on the setup you have.

  • How long is the electric cord coming out of the pump

    The cord lenghtis 6 ft on Blue Dimond aerators. 

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