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Aerobic Septic Control Air Pressure Switch

If you have a Septic Air Pump, it is essential that you also have an External Air Alarm. The Aerobic Septic Control Panel External Air Alarm monitors the pressure level of your air pump.
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  • If it drops below 1 psi, the alarm will be activated. This is critical for any Septic Air Tank, because if your air pressure drops too low, there will not be enough oxygen in your Septic Air Pump to treat the wastewater. If your alarm has recently gone off, it is important to check out the problem right away. If you are not proficient in Septic Tank Maintenance, it is important to call a professional. If there is a serious problem with the air pump that is cause the pressure issues, you may need to rebuild or replace your entire unit. If you are certain you have fixed the problem, or if you think the alarm is going off for no apparent reason, there is a likely a problem with the alarm system itself.

    Just like most of the other pieces on your Septic Air Pump, your alarm system needs to be change periodically to ensure it is working properly. Thankfully, most Aerobic Septic Control Panel External Air Alarms use the exact same wires and switches. Once you order a new alarm, it is easy to install.

    This Aerobic Septic Control Panel External Air Alarm is designed to connect to a ⅛ inch air alarm hose, which connects to the air barb on the compressor. On average, it should take less than 5 minutes to replace the entire Aerobic Septic Control Panel External Air Alarm. It is a simple do-it-yourself project.

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