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24" Tuf-Tite Internal Safety Lid

The 24" Tuf-Tite Internal Safety Lid is the ultimate solution for protecting and safeguarding your septic system with unmatched security and durability.
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Important Info

These internal safety lids will NOT work in the 3" riser/safety pans.
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  • Whether for residential or commercial use, the 24" Tuf-Tite Internal Safety lid is your assurance of septic system security. Protect your investment and the environment by preventing unwanted access and potential contamination.

    Make the smart choice for your septic system's safety with the 24" Tuf-Tite Internal Safety lid. Trust in its rugged design and uncompromising security, ensuring that your septic system remains a reliable and worry-free component of your property.


    These internal safety lids will NOT work in the 3" riser/safety pans.

    • Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the 24" Tuf-Tite Internal Safety lid is built to withstand the rigors of underground installation, guaranteeing long-lasting protection for your septic system.
    • Seamless Integration: Designed to effortlessly fit within Tuf-Tite septic tank risers and lids, this internal safe is a perfect match for your existing system. No need for complex modifications; it's a hassle-free addition.
    • Secured Access: Keep your septic system safe and secure from unauthorized access and tampering. The internal safety lid ensures that only authorized personnel can access the critical components of your wastewater system.
    • Weather-Resistant: Built to resist the elements, this internal safe can endure harsh weather conditions, preventing water, debris, and pests from compromising your septic system.
    • Peace of Mind: With the 24" Tuf-Tite Internal Safety lid in place, you can rest easy, knowing that your septic system is fortified against potential risks, ensuring it operates efficiently and reliably.

  • Size 24 in
    Riser Material HDPE Thermoplastic Polymer

    Made from HDPE which is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. As one of the most versatile plastic materials around.



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