Amp Pro Mechanical Float Switch with Piggyback

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Amp Pro Mechanical Float Switch with Piggyback

The Amp Pro Mechanical Float Switch is a specially made float that has 14 gage heavy duty electrical wire with a contact switch that is rated for 15 amps. The float is a wide-angle float designed for the contacts to close at 45 degrees. This provides ample range for the contact switch to work, and reduces the chances for turning the pump on and off excessively, damaging the pump motor. This also gives flexibility when sending the float switch lead length and pump range for how long the pump will operate because the switch also does not turn off until it goes back down 45 degrees.  The Amp Pro is ideal to be used in higher voltage units such as 220V, 2HP grinders and solids' pumps. It can also be used in lower voltage range for 120V. It has a high lock amp rating of 96 amps, so it is ideal for pumps that have a high start amp rating.

P/N: JHY20U15R1 (15' LEAD)

P/N: JHF20U30R1 (20' LEAD)



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