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Aqua Safe AS500 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit

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Aqua-Safe AS500 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit


Most air pumps can be rebuilt at least once. If your system is 3 to 5 years old and has never been rebuilt before, purchasing the Aqua-Safe AS500 Septic Air Pump Rebuild kit is likely the most financially sound plan for you. However, if your Aqua-Safe AS500 Septic Air Pump has been rebuilt before, it may be time to invest in a new model. Similarly, If your aerator has a red dust built up inside of it, that means that your coils are rusting and you will need to purchase a replacement air pump. You can find replacement Air Pumps at Wholesale Septic Supply.

If you have determined your system can be rebuilt, the Aqua-Safe AS500 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit has everything you need. This kit comes with two diaphragms and two mounting blocks. It also comes standard with an air filter and a safety pin. When used correctly, the Aqua-Safe AS500 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit will bring your air pump back up to industry standards. It typically takes 30 minutes to repair your broken system.

You (the customer) are responsible for making sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations in your area before replacing your septic air pump yourself. Aqua Safe and Aqua Aire are Registered Trademarks of Ecological Tanks, Inc. Under no circumstances is Wholesale Septic Supply representing to the general public that it is an Authorized Distributor, Dealer, or is affiliated with those companies with whom we make product comparisons or with any products we sell.

P/N: AS500rbld

  • 2 Diaphragms
  • Mounting Hardware (for diaphragms)
  • 4 Air Valves
  • Mounting Blocks
  • Heads
  • Black Safety Screw
  • Safety Nut for Safety Screw
  • Brand New Filter


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