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AquaKlear AKH80 Alternative Septic Air Pump

The "dual port" feature typically allows for more flexibility in water flow and routing, making them suitable for specific water treatment needs.
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  • Failing to maintain your aerobic septic system by not switching out the air pump with the AquaKlear AKH-80 Septic Air Pump replacement pump, will not only damage the surrounding environment, but it creates more exposure to sickness, disease and contamination.

    Fortunately, septic alarms go off when you need to replace your AquaKlear AKH-80 Septic Air Pump; to address this critical indicator, you simply remove the faulty pump, and connect the new pump to the original electrical system., says that in order to keep your septic air system functioning properly, it’s all about, “Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance”. Even if an alarm has not appeared, the system should be inspected annually, and the pump must be replaced somewhat frequently (typically every 3 to 5 years).

    Check-Up on Your Aerobic System For both underground and above-ground aerobic septic tanks, it’s critical that the AquaKlear AKH-80 Septic Air Pump gets replaced in a timely manner, in order for the “aerator” to properly inject oxygen into the tank from the outside.

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