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Black Chlorinator

A Septic Tablet Chlorinator is a device used in septic systems to help maintain and control the biological activity within the septic tank.
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  • It is designed to release chlorine or other disinfecting agents in a controlled and measured manner to disinfect the effluent before it's discharged into the drain field.

    Here's a description of how it typically works and its key features:

    • Chlorine Dispensing: The Septic Tablet Chlorinator is usually designed to hold chlorine tablets or other disinfection agents. These tablets slowly dissolve and release chlorine into the septic tank.
    • Disinfection: The released chlorine helps kill harmful bacteria and pathogens in the wastewater, making it safer for the environment and reducing the risk of contamination.
    • Effluent Quality: By using a Septic Tablet Chlorinator, the quality of the effluent leaving the septic tank is improved, reducing the potential for groundwater contamination and minimizing the risk of diseases associated with poorly treated wastewater.


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