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Blue Diamond ET100 Septic Air Pump

The Blue Diamond ET100 Septic Air Pump is a top of the line aerator perfect for use with your aerobic septic system.
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Important Info

Wholesale Septic Supply does not stock the ET-100 units. You will be upgraded and shipped an ET-120 at no additional cost.
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  • With a high air flow and robust construction, this air pump is a great air pump for those who need a 100 series aerator. If you need a new aerator, this septic air pump will give you high quality for your money. The Blue Diamond ET100 is recommended due to its quality performance, low power consumption, and durability.


    The Blue Diamond ET100 produces 100 liters of air per minute, guaranteeing your aerobic septic system will effectively manage waste. As oxygen pumps into your wastewater, it will break down waste into manageable bits and help the waste destroying bacteria in the tank thrive. The Blue Diamond ET100’s high flow rate will increase levels of oxygen in your wastewater and keep your drainage clear, reducing the amount of effluent that drains from your septic system. This air pump has no wearing parts, so you can be sure that the air pump is operating at peak efficiency without sacrificing performance. These specific pumps are not to be used on ponds over 5 foot in depth as the back pressure will ruin them, as it is not good for them.

    Low Power Consumption

    Blue Diamond air pumps are some of the most energy-efficient aerators on the market. The Blue Diamond ET100 uses green drive technology for power consumption as low as 80 watts. Know that you are helping the environment by eliminating harmful waste and saving energy with your aerobic septic system, even when it is running continuously. Blue Diamond aerators noise level is higher than other comparable linear diaphragm aerators.


    The Blue Diamond ET100 was built to last. It’s robust; weatherproof casing makes this an ideal aerator for outdoor use. Its uniquely crafted diaphragm material boosts its longevity, giving you more time between replacements. When the air pump needs to be repaired, there are cost-effective repair kits available that are easy to use. This pump is also UL, TUV, and CE approved. 

    P/N: BDI-AER-120-N01


    • Linear Diaphragm air pump
    • These specifications are results for a system with a 120-volt power source
    • Most power providers within the United States provide VAC at 60 Hz
    • The highest pressure at which this product should operate continuously is 1.45 PSI
    • The noise level of this product will be about the average ambient noise within a home
    • Oil free operation
    • Thermal over load protection

    Alternate Option with Longer Warranty:

  • Rated Voltage 120
    Power Supply Frequency 60 Hz
    Power Consumption 80W
    Max Pressure 1.45 PSI
    Sound Level 45 dBa
    Outlet Outer Diameter 0.71 inch
    LPM 120

    ET100 Spec. Sheet

  • WARRANTY: Blue Diamonds come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Any and all warranty claims MUST be handled direct with Blue Diamond Pumps. Wholesale Septic Supply does NOT warranty Blue Diamond Aerators.



Questions & Answers

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  • Is it plug and go or does need to be hard wired?

    It comes with the plug, but it can also be hardwired if needed by cutting the plug.

  • Is it good for a 500 gal tank

    You really only need an 80 for a 500 gallon tank.

  • Dose it run 24/7

    Yes they run 24/7