Blue Diamond ET80A Septic Air Pump

Blue Diamond ET80A

The Blue Diamond ET80A Septic Air Pump is an aerator specifically designed to help you get the most use out of your aerobic septic system. This air pump is one of the most commonly used aerators for 500 gallon per day septic units, and it can be used for residential use or other applications including pond aeration. Aerobic septic systems are great for managing wastewater, but they need a powerful aerator to pump oxygen in the water and aid in the destruction of waste. The Blue Diamond ET80A is an effective air pump that stands out from competing models because it is high performing, energy-efficient, cost-effective.


The Blue Diamond ET80A is one of the most popular aerators for a reason. It has a flow rate of up to eight liters per hour and can successfully treat up to 500 gallons of water each day. This powerful septic air pump pushes oxygen into the water, producing clear, odorless drainage and preventing effluent and sewage from draining into the environment. This product is used by original equipment manufacturers of NSF certified residential sewage treatment systems. With no wearing parts and the ability to work continuously if needed, the Blue Diamond ET80A is a high performing aerator that does its job well.


The Blue Diamond ET80A utilizes green drive technology to lower its power consumption to as little as 85 watts. Feel confident that this air pump is saving energy while helping the environment by reducing effluent.


Save hundreds of dollars over time with the Blue Diamond ET80A. This aerator was built to last, and uses specially crafted diaphragm material and durable, weatherproof material to promote long life. This air pump will need to be replaced less frequently than other brands of aerators, and it has affordable, easy to use repair kits when it does need replacement. Take care of issues before they become costly with a built-in alarm. A high sounding buzzer and LED lights warn owners of potential issues with airline pressure so that these problems can be fixed before severe damage is done. The Blue Diamond ET80A is one of the more cost-effective air pump models on the market.


For more information about this septic air pump, or for help with your septic system, contact Aerobic Septic System.


Ask a Question
  • Is there a warranty

    Yes the Blue Diamond ET80A has a 1 year warranty. 

  • Will this unit trea my 1500 gallon tank?

    No this is not quite big eneoughto treat 1500 gallons of septic a day. 

  • How long is the electric cord coming out of the pump

    The cord lenghtis 6 ft on Blue Dimond aerators.