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EF-4 Residential Series Effluent Filter

The EF-4 series filters remove solids down to 1/16" and greatly extend the life of the septic system. The Filter and the T-Baffle are NSF Standard 46 rated.
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Effluent Filtration: This filter effectively removes solid particles, suspended solids, and debris from the effluent leaving the septic tank. It ensures that only clear, treated wastewater flows out into the drain field, preventing clogs and preserving the long-term functionality of the system. Durable Construction: The EF-4 is built to withstand the harsh conditions within septic tanks and is resistant to corrosion. It is made from robust materials to ensure a long lifespan. Easy Installation: It is designed for easy installation in new or existing septic systems, making it a practical choice for homeowners and septic system professionals. Maintenance and Inspection: The transparent design of the filter housing allows for easy inspection and maintenance. Users can quickly determine when cleaning or replacement is needed, ensuring the filter remains effective. Environmental Protection: By preventing the release of solids and contaminants, the EF-4 filter contributes to the protection of the environment and helps maintain the proper functioning of septic systems, reducing the risk of groundwater contamination.


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