Fuji mac 40r2 Septic Air Pump

Fuji Mac 40r2 Septic Air Pump


Aeration and Its Purpose

In an aerobic septic system, wastewater is enhanced with oxygen, which in turn promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria. These bacteria, which are named such because of their ability to thrive in oxygen-rich environments, feed on the wastewater and break it down into smaller components. Once these bacteria have finished their job, the water can be released into the environment without risk of contamination. A septic aerator such as the Fuji mac 40r2 kickstarts the process by releasing air into the tank to invite the industrious bacteria to work.

Rare-Earth Magnet Design

Rare-earth magnets boast stronger magnetic fields than most similar magnets. That means that a smaller and lighter magnet can be used to deliver optimal strength. Thus, the rare-earth magnet design allows the Fuji Mac 40r2 septic air pump to do its job efficiently. Cooler Running Temperature Having an efficiently running septic air pump is meaningless if the pump is running in a way that can cause long-term damage. Cooler running temperatures reduce the wear on your system. Fortunately, the Fuji Mac 40r2 septic air pump is built with this in mind.

Energy Efficiency

In an aerobic system, the resulting treated water (or effluent) tends to be cleaner than it would be had it undergone an anaerobic process (a non-oxygen rich environment). The Fuji Mac 40r2 septic air pump delivers these results by releasing 40 lpm (liters per minute) at approximately 2 psi (pounds per square inch).



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