Fuji Mac 60r2 Septic Air Pump

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Fuji Mac 60r Septic Air Pump


An aerobic septic air pump is crucial for ensuring the well being and efficiency of your entire septic system. Without the ventilation that these types of pumps provide, your septic system would be unable to treat waste properly, leading to that terrible raw sewage smell that plagues homes where the septic system has not been managed properly.

An aerobic septic air pump, forces air into the septic system so that air can sustain microorganisms that digest the waste. If you are looking for a top of the line aerobic septic air pump, we highly recommend the Fuji Mac 60r2. One of the best features of this model is that it is a friend to the environment.

By this, we simply mean that it runs cool, and is way more energy efficient than the older air pump generation. You will never need to worry about your septic pump overheating again. Because it uses little energy, it is also able to last longer than many competing air pumps on the market. This number is often referred to as the wastewater design flow. If this number falls under 500 gpd, the Fuji Mac 60r2 is the perfect model for you. In addition to its efficiency, this model is also extremely durable. They have an extremely rare earth magnet design that keeps them up and running.

Don’t take our word for it, with a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, the Fuji Mac 60r comes highly rated and will be sure to help your septic system work quickly and effectively. On Top of all of this, you can also take advantage of the highly-affordable Fuji Mac 60r prices here at Wholesale Septic Supply!

Fuji Mac Aerators come with a 3 year warranty


  • Linear Diaphragm air pump
  • These specifications are results for a system with a 120-volt power source
  • Most power providers within the United States provide VAC at 60 Hz
  • The highest pressure at which this product should operate continuously is 2.6 PSI
  • The noise level of this product will be less than the average ambient noise within a home.
  • Oil free operation
  • Thermal over load protection
  • Easy maintenance


Rated Voltage 120 Volts

Power supply Frequency 60 Hz

Power Consumption 37 W

Suggested Pressure Range 1.75 – 2.6 PSI

Normal Pressure 2.2 PSI

 Airflow at Rated Pressure 60 L / min 2.1 cfm

Sound level 37 dB(A)

Weight 11 lbs.

Length  8 1/8 In

Width 6 3/8 In

Height 7 ½ In

Outlet Outer Diameter ¾ In

Outlet Inner Diameter ½ In

P/N: fm60








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Ask a Question
  • is it noisy, ill be using it in my house

    No it is the quietest pump on the market. 

  • will this size be good to aerate a 1/4 acre pond that is 3-4ft deep or should I get the 80R2?

    The 80r2 would be a perfect aerator for a 1/4 acre pond at that depth.

  • Is there any technical information available on the 6or? Is it suitable for replacing old Gast 40 on a 500gpd system

    Yes, that would be asutable replacment for the gast 40 in gpd system. 

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