Fuji Mac 60r Septic Air Pump

Fuji Mac 60r Septic Air Pump

Fuji Mac 60r septic air pumps are designed to aerate aerobic septic systems up to 500 gpd. They are a rare earth magnet design and run cooler, and more energy efficient than older type air pumps giving you a long life and a lower operating cost.


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  • will this size be good to aerate a 1/4 acre pond that is 3-4ft deep or should I get the 80R2?

    The 80r2 would be a perfect aerator for a 1/4 acre pond at that depth.

  • Is there any technical information available on the 6or? Is it suitable for replacing old Gast 40 on a 500gpd system

    Yes, that would be asutable replacment for the gast 40 in gpd system.