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Fuji VFC200P-5T 1/3 HP

by Unknown Vendor
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Fuji VFC200P-5T 1/3 HP


Fuji VCF200P-5T 1/3 HP is used in many aeration septic systems. Like all regenerative blowers, it is low pressure and high volume at 43 CFMopen flow optimal 15-25cfm running. Only 1.23 max psi or 34 in HG . the 34 hg is literally 34 inches of water column or depths the maximum pressure it can operate in.  It can be wired for 230vac, and 115vac comes prewired in 230.

Because there are only two bearings that wear regenerative blowers generally last a very long time. For septic aeration, Fuji blowers are found in airlift applications where the diffuser is not at the bottom of the tank. Rather there is a pipe in the tank at a certain level and the blower is connected to it lifting and aeration the water at the same time over a media.



  • Item Regenerative Blower
  • Inlet Size 1 in (F)NPT
  • Outlet Size 1 in (F)NPT
  • HP 0.37 hp
  • Voltage 115/230
  • Phase 1
  • Full Load Amps 3.6/1.8
  • Max. Flow Rate 42 cfm
  • Max. Vacuum 33 in WC
  • Max. Ambient Temp. 104 Degrees F
  • Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
  • Overall Length 10 in
  • Overall Height 9 in
  • Overall Depth 9 1/32 in

  • P/N: FEC-AER-200P-N01



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