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Gast DBM 800-1250 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit

If your Gast DBM 800-1250 aerator is not operating properly, the Gast DBM 800-1250 Septic Air Pump rebuild kit is a cost-effective alternative to air pump replacement.
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This kit is not compatible with the "DBMX" models.
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  • Aerators serve a critical role within your aerobic septic system. They are responsible for pumping bacteria aiding, waste destroying oxygen into your aerobic septic system so that you can break down wastewater and release clear, odorless effluent into the environment. If you notice sewage backing up into your house or effluent that looks and smells like sewage coming from your septic system, there might be a problem with your aerator. Thanks to tools like the Gast DBM 800-1250 Septic Air Pump rebuild kit, you can extend the life of your aerator by several years before you need to purchase a replacement. Why Use a Rebuild Kit? Prolonged use of a faulty aerator can lead to costly, irreversible damage to your aerobic septic system.

    In order to prevent significant costs down the road for your septic system or the immediate expense of purchasing a new septic air pump, consider buying a rebuild kit and rebuilding your air pump instead. Rebuild kits are much less expensive than septic air pumps, and they can add years to the life of your aerator.

    Often times, aerators can be rebuilt more than once before they absolutely need to be replaced. A rebuild kit will save you money while addressing your septic system problems. Rebuild kits have the tools you need to make your air pump run efficiently. Many aerators are designed with diaphragms to help pump oxygen, and these diaphragms were created to be the weakest point of your aerator. This way, if there is a problem with your air pump, it is most likely with your diaphragms.

    • The Gast DBM 800-1250 Septic Air Pump rebuild kit comes with replacement diaphragms as well as other materials that wear frequently like a check valve and a filter. These parts are easy to replace, allowing you to fix your aerator in minutes. For more information about septic air pump rebuild kits or to find parts for your septic system, visit Wholesale Septic Supply.

  • P/N: GAS-RBK-D8-N01

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  • is this the correct kit for the DBMS 800-1250

    Yes this is the correct rebuild kit for Gast dbm 80.