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Gast RV05 B344A External Felt Filter

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  • Gast Rotary Vane Compressors are beloved by professionals and novices alike for their easy maintenance and longevity. But if your rotary vane has hit the 1000-hour mark, it may be time to do some some upkeep. It is important to replace small, but vital parts on a regular basis, including the external felt filter.

    External felt filters generally degrade overtime. Excessive cleaning or overuse of a Gast product will cause the filters to be replaced faster. As a general rule, the external filter should be replaced every 1000 to 2000 working hours. The filter an important part of any Gast Rotary Vane, because it keeps dust and dirt from entering the compressor and vacuum pump. If you do not replace a this important filter, then dust can enter the Gast Rotary Vane.

    When dust and dirt enter a Gast compressor and/or vacuum pump, the film produced by the carbon vanes is removed. That essential film is the secret to carbon vanes’ longevity. If you start to notice issues with your vanes, and notice a dirty compressor or vacuum pump, replacing the external felt filter should be one of your first steps to solving the problem .

    The Gast RV05 B344A External Felt filter fits Model RV05. When properly maintained, a Gast Model RV05 is a quiet, reliable product. By replacing the external felt filter on a regular basis, you are ensuring your model will work for years to come. You will also be saving money on your power bill. When working at full capacity, the Gast RV05 has up to a 20% reduction in power consumption. If you need to rebuild your entire Gast RV05 Rotary Vane Compressor, Wholesale Septic Supply offers complete repair kits. You can find that product here.


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