Hiblow Aerobic Septic Air Diffuser

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Hiblow Aerobic Septic Air Diffuser

The Hiblow septic air diffuser was specially designed for Hiblow aerators. The pour size on the diffuser is more porous reducing back pressure on the aerator. Having a larger pour size also allows for an extremely long time between needing to be changed. Flow is 80 liters per min most systems us two diffusers in them. Microbubbles are a perfect size and distrubute the oxgen needed in any environment perfectly.  The diffuser is ideal for use in septic or pond aeration.


Length: 12"

Threads, 1/2 NPT

P/N: HB0217DIF1




About the product

For aerobic septic systems. It is recommended that you change the diffuser every 3-4 years as the pours get clogged over time. This will lead to back pressure on the compressor/air pump shortening the life of the compressor. Hiblow aerobic septic aeration air diffuser.

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