Hiblow HP-150 Pond Aerator

Hiblow HP-150 Pond Aerator


The Hiblow HP-150 linear air pump is extremely energy efficient and very quiet in operation when compared to other pond aeration compressors on the market. The Hiblow HP-150 will effectively and efficiently aerate ponds of up to two acres in size and up to ten feet in depth, making it the best available option by far for smaller, shallow ponds.

If your Hiblow HP series pump won’t turn on when first plugged in, it may have been bumped during shipping, which may have activated the safety slide switch to the position where it deactivated the electric motor. Please refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to reset the safety slide switch; you can find an electronic copy of the owner’s manual on the support tab of the Hiblow website.

All Hiblow pumps can operate on either 50hz or 60hz—do please note that the pump’s performance will vary depending on the frequency. Hiblow linear pumps are not dual voltage; please check the label for data on the correct voltage and only apply the indicate voltage to power the pump.

Hiblow pumps will only operate on alternating current (AC) in order for the shuttle rod to achieve the correct back and forth motion, which creates the necessary pressure or vacuum for proper functioning. If you must operate a Hiblow pump from a DC source, an inverter would be required.

For best performance and longest life, your Hiblow pump should be installed in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. A garage, shed, or crawlspace are all optimal options. If you must install the Hiblow pump in an outside location, be sure the pump receives sufficient ventilation—in order to achieve the maximum operating life, keep any additional heat exposure to a minimum.

All Hiblow Aerators come with a 2 year warranty



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