Hiblow HP-60-017 Septic Air Pump

Hiblow HP-60-017 Septic Air Pump


The Hiblow HP-60-017 Air Pump delivers oxygen into the septic tank, which allows aerobic bacteria to grow and thrive. Once the bacterial colony is established, these bacteria break down waste quickly and efficiently. For an aerobic system to work, air must be constantly brought into the system where dissolved oxygen keeps the aerobic bacteria alive.

A traditional anaerobic system uses a different type of bacteria to do the work of breaking down waste. Anaerobic bacteria is slower, though, and not quite as thorough, which is why we are now seeing more and more aerobic systems being used in North America. Because aerobic bacteria are so much more efficient than their anaerobic cousins, the waste water that comes out of the system is much cleaner and can be used for irrigation or flushing toilets.

An aerobic system may be an excellent alternative for you if your current, traditional septic system fails or if you don’t have the space to install an anaerobic system. Though you will need to provide a source of electricity, the pump is extremely efficient, drawing only 51 Watts. The unit is small (a bit bigger than a bread box) and can easily accommodate an alarm with the built-in alarm connection fitting.

Quiet and low maintenance, your Hiblow HP-60-017 Air Pump should run for years with no more than regular filter changes. Drawing very little power, this pump is economical to run, reliable, and sturdy, the workhorse you need to keep your septic system aerated and working smoothly.

All Hiblow Aerators come with a 2 year warranty



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