Hiblow 60W Dual Port Septic Aerator

Hiblow 60W Dual Port Septic Aerator


The Hiblow 60 Duo is the new dual port aerator from Hiblow. Built for systems that have a skimmer on the clarifier to reduce TSS and give a cleaner effluent. There are two labels on the out ports. The "MAIN" air output on the aerator feeds the aeration chamber and the "SKIM" operates a skimmer connected to the clarifier. The "SKIM" part runs for a set amount of time everyday to clean the clarifying chamber. The Hiblow 60 Duo has many advantages over the HP-60W such as it is a rare earth magnet pump that runs more efficiently, taking only one amp to run. It runs cooler, thus extending the life of the components. It's improved clock is very user friendly and is not in Japanese like the old one. The switching mechanism on the bottom has also been improved to be more durable and not wear out as fast.


  • Dual outlet ports with integrated cam-style valves and programmable timer controller to alternate between two aeration processes
  • Available with integral low-pressure alarms.
  • Standard UL approved 120 VAC models, and 230 VAC CE compliant models available.
  • Equipped with thermal overload protection
  • Includes pressure tap location for outter alarm sensor

All Hiblow Aerators come with a 2 year warranty

P/N: 60wdp



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