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Hiblow HP-80 Septic Air Pump

by Hiblow
  244 Reviews
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Hiblow HP-80 Septic Air Pump


The Hiblow HP- 80 Septic aerator is the most popular Hiblow hp series septic air pump in the industry for use in 500/600gpd aerobic septic systems. They are known for running very quiet and being very durable in a wide range of applications and environments, including as a septic aerator and as a pond aerator. The Hiblow hp80 linear septic air pump is a compatible replacement for any 80 liters a minute (LPM) aerator in a septic application. Most septic manufactures test with the hp80 air pump even if they are not going to use it as the aerator because of its reliability and consistent performance.

Rebuild kits are available for the maintenance of this product. This product can be expected to require a rebuild after three or four years of operation, and it can be rebuilt two to three times. However, red dust building up inside the compressor may signal that a rebuild may not be sufficient.

Hiblow has proven track record of producing high quality aerators. You can rest easy knowing that your Hiblow aerator is built to last. These aerators also come equipped with industry leading safety features. Extra parts for Hiblow aerators are also well supported. This ensures that extra parts for your aerator can be fairly easily acquired.


What the Hiblow HP-80 does for your Septic Tank:

Septic is normally anaerobic in nature as most of the bacteria in our body are anaerobic. The Hiblow injects air into the system nonstop so that he aerobic bacteria in our body can thrive and take over the bacteria population. Without it, the bacteria can’t survive and die. This form of treating water is highly effective and removes 99 percent of the organic material in 24 hours. It also helps break down large particles because it's making the water move continually in the system if there is no trash tank like some states have. 

Product Details:

• New Hiblow HP-80 septic aerator
• Quiet operation
• Low power consumption, vibration, pulsation and starting current
• Oil-less contamination free design
• Long life
• Automatic pressure limitation
• U.L. outdoor rating available on most HP series
• Easy to service
• Custom OEM models
• Fast reliable shipments/delivery
• Thermal protection
• Over pressurization protection
• C.E. compliant a U.L. listed models
• UL Rated For Outdoor Use
• Includes Rubber 90
• Hiblow HP-80 linear septic air pump aerator

Rated Voltage 120 VAC

Current 1.6 A

Power supply Frequency 60 Hz

Power Consumption 71 W

Rated Loading Pressure 2.13 PSI

Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure 3.6 PSI

Maximum Airflow 120 L / min 4.2 cfm

Airflow Volume (@ rated pressure) 80 L / min 2.8 cfm

Noise Level 36 dBA

Weight 15.4 lbs.

Length 10.08 In

Width 7.09   In

Height 7.72 In

Wholesale Septic Supply is offering a 3 year warranty that will cover any issues you may experience with the ELECTRICAL components of this aerator! You will also have a 2 year warranty that will cover the non-electrical components such as the diaphragms (bladders). This new upgraded warranty is effective for all Hiblow purchases made after January 1, 2021.

Outlet Outer Diameter 0.71 In

Outlet Inner Diameter 0.46 In


Condition: NEW

Warranty: 2 years from the date of purchase.

The maximum cfm is 4.2 cfm. This is at zero psi, so zero air would be going into the septic system. This is your cfm max airflow.

3.6 psi max continuous operating pressure you would want to pump on this Hiblow linear model.

UL rated for outdoor no air pump housing is needed, and if one is used, it should be open on both ends for linear septic air pump.

Pumps 80 LPM (Liters Per Minute) this is the optimal LPM, and psi is 2.13. This is also optimal.

120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1.6A, 71 Watts three-prong plug if you need to hardwire it, you cut the plug. This does not affect the two-year warranty

36 dBA this is in a special test chamber in the real world they can barely be heard much quieter than rotary vane

Dimensions: 9.3'' L x 7.1'' W x 7.8'' H

Includes Rubber 90 with Hose Clamps Includes 1/8'' Brass Alarm Connection Fittings for an aerobic control panel.


Hiblow HP80 linear air pump fits all 500 and 600 GPD Aerobic treatment units and is a compatible replacement

Rebuild kits come as a complete repair kit with chamber block filter, safety screw, and diaphragm. You can also choose the linear diaphragm only.

Will my aerobic system get damaged if I don’t replace my aerator it in a couple days?

No, your system will be fine for up to a week and half of so if using it technically longer, but it will start to smell very bad if you have a spray type system past that, so don’t panic.

Do I need to add bacteria after my new aerator arrives?

No, you don’t need to add anything the system will come back alive and back to normal on its own in a couple of days.

The spray still smells after I put the new Hiblow on. Is that normal?

Yes, that is normal. It will take a couple of days for the smell to go away.

How long is the warranty on the HP-80?

The HP 80 has a 2-year warranty like all other Hiblow aerators. You simply call us and give the order number, and we will take care of the rest.

What size pipe or airline do I use?

You can use ½ inch airline or pvc that is the discharge size of the air pump up to 75 feet after that you would want to go to 1 inch up to 200 ft away from the Hiblow HP-80. The aerator comes with a new ½ inch rubber 90.

How old is my Hiblow?

Your Hiblow has a barcode on the backside the of the unit on the smaller Hiblows the first four is your date of manufacturer first two numbers are the month the so 06 would be June the next is the year so 18 would be 2018 anything over ten years should be replaced with a new aerator.

Can I run it on 220v power?

Hiblow does have a 220v version of the HP-80, HP-100LL, and HP 200 and we carry it but you need to call the office.

I have a HP 80 now, would a bigger pump do a better job?

Bigger is not better. You only need so much dissolved oxygen to process what the capacity of your tank is, and the aerators are sized based on the GPD of the system.


Is Hiblow maintenance hard to on the hp80 linear septic air pump?

No. Hiblow hp80 linear septic air Maintenance consists of removing the top cover where the air filter is and rinsing it off.


Ask a Question

    You would need this septic air pump model but with a alarm attached to it. It is a Hiblow HP-80A. 

  • How quiet are they

    The Hiblow HP-80 is very quite almost silent you will not hear it when you are outside or in the house. Most of the time on inspections we have to physically touch it because you can not hear most of them. 

  • Does the xp 80 HiBlow aerator take the same rebuild kit as the hp 80 hiblow aerator

    No the hiblow xp-80 will take a different rebuild kit than the HP-80 it will be slightly more. 

  • What it is the average lifespan of these pumps, while it is running continue.

    It really depends on the area you live in. In southern states, we see an average of 3-4 years before they need to be rebuilt. In northern states, you can get an additional 2-3 years out of them. 
    Some people get longer life out of them they are the exception not the rule. Wehaveseen them run 10 years no issues but its rare. 

  • Can a 1/2" line be hooked up to the ouput of the pump oulet?

    It is about a 1/2 inch what you can do is get a male threaded 1/2 fitting with a female slip on the other end. You take the male end and put it in the rubber 90 that comes with it and then use 1/2 PVC the rest of the way.

  • Does it come with a rubber 90 to connect to the pvc, or hose tubing to the septic air pump. Also would like to know what size pvc is the easiest to connect the the rubber 90 if it comes with it.

    Yes it comes with a rubber 90 to conect it to pvc or tubbing of your choice. 1/2 inch is the easiest to connect the pump use a threaded male  1/2 with slip non threaded female on the opposite end. The threaded part well screw nice and tight into the rubber 90 and be secure. The rest can be glued into place easily. If you already have pump like this they are all pretty universal and the outlet is pretty much the same across manufacturers. No modification should have to be done. 

  • Does this pump hp80 need an enclosure like my rotary vans pump had?

    It is advisable you put the HP-80 under something to cover it from the elements slightly. We don't use a fully enclosed enclosure as you can see the unit and we feel it make the septic air pump run hotter than it needs to. We use a more of a cover made of fiberglass, and it's entirely open on both sides giving proper ventilation and excellent visibility to the Hibow. 

  • what is the diameter of the discharge port? and does it come with hose?

    The diameter is slightly smaller than a 1/2 and every pump comes with a new rubber 90 hose to connect the Hiblow to the hose or pvc coming from the aerobic septic system.  

  • Does this pump operate continuously or does it come on and off based on the circumstances?

    The pump is supposed to run continuously. There is not an aerobic septic system that currently uses the Hiblow HP-80 that comes on and off. Specific systems do have septic air pumps that do turn off for a period of time 3-4 hour, but it is for nitrogen reduction where the home is on a lake or close to a public waterway. The pump only takes five to eight dollars a month to run, so it's not a significant factor in the electric bill. 

  • I have an alarm on my current aerator that looks just like the one on the HP 80A. Can I take it off of my current pump and install it on the HP 80 that does not come with the alarm?

    You cant do that. Unfortunately, the top aluminum housing is different on the hp-80 and the hp-80a so you couldn't put the alarm on it. You would also have to solder the wiring on as well to make it work.   

  • What is the liter per hours for this pump

    80 liters per minute. That is what the number means at the end of pumps the liters of air per minute. The Hiblow puts out more but with water pressure and length of the airline by the time it reaches the point of exiting the airline it is at 80 LPM or (liters per minute). 

  • Can this pump be used to airate a small pond?

    Sure you can use this pump the aerate a small pond no issue.

  • Do you have rebuild kit for the 80-0110

    Absolutely, we do. The Hiblow HP 80 rebuild kit works on the Hiblow HP 80-0110 model as well as numerous other septic air pumps that we offer.

  • What is your warranty on the new HP 80?

    Our Hiblow HP-80 Septic Air Pump comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • are the hiblow-80 pumps new or rebuilt why are the HiBlow models more expensive that the Blue Diamond modles

    All of the products we sell are new. They are more expensive because they are more reliable and last longer than the Blue Diamond pumps.

  • it was not running at all so I took it apart and the diaphragms were busted the safety screw was not broke does that mean I need to but a new pump

    We sell the rebuild kits for this pump, that include new diaphragms. You could try to rebuild the pump before replacing it, depending on how old the pump is.

  • how deep are they rated for

    Maximum of 8ft is the recommended max depth for any diaphragm pump. 

  • How much is shipping

    It is free shipping with the Hiblow HP-80 as with all of our products. The price on the website is the price that you would pay.

  • I'm thinking of replacing my Delta model 60 aerator pump because motor is burnt, with the Hiblow HP-80, is my alarm system that I used with my Delta 60 adapt to your HP-80

    If the alarm is built onto the aerator itself it will not. If the alarm is on a control panel yes it will work no issue. 

  • Does the Hiblow HP 80 have a built in alarm system of somewhat?

    We have hiblows that come with a built in alarm on the side. Click on the link it will take you to it. Hiblow HP80 WITH ALARM

  • What is the price of the HP 80A

    The Price for a HP 80A is $370. You can locate the compressor on the link provided.

  • Should my pump be hot to the touch?

    Yes the Hiblow HP models run a little hot this is normal. 

  • Can a sinkable air hose be hooked directly to the pump? If so what size hose would one need etc. 3/8" or 1/2"?

    The air hose the connection is around 3/8, but you would want to transfer to 1/2 if as soon as possible to give the aerator the best performance and longevity.

  • Does this Hiblow 80 have the safety screw or the plastic switch?

    The new Hp 80 all have the switch in them now no more safty screw. 

  • My HP80-0113 pump has two hoses. Approx. l" and l/4". I see only one hose fitting on your picture. Does your HP 80 have two fittings

    Yes, it has two fittings one for the main airline that goes to the septic system and one for the small air hose that goes to the control panel to set the alarm off if the unit shuts down.

  • How does the electrical connect to the pump? Does it come with plug? Does it have to be wired in?

    Yes, it has a standard 3 prong plug that is about 6ft.

  • Is this a new pump?

    Yes all of our products are brand new.