Medo LA-45B Septic Air Pump

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Medo LA-45B Septic Air Pump


Aerobic septic systems use an aeration system to speed up the process of household waste decomposition when compared to a traditional septic tank. A compact septic aerator forces air into the main septic treatment tank. Air mixes with solids and wastewater and allows aerobic microorganisms to thrive. More efficient than their aerobic counterparts, these anaerobic systems use a decomposition process that may take place up to 20 times faster than traditional septic systems. Excellent when you need to install a septic system when you don’t have a lot of room or if your soil or drainage isn’t ideal for a large, traditional drainage field, an aerobic system is efficient and effective enough it’s possible to capture and reuse wastewater for reuse in flushing toilets or for irrigation.

Designed to self-adjust when the pressure exceeds the rated value of the pump, the piston stroke will automatically shorten to reduce the strain on the pump. At the same time, the power consumption of the pump will decrease to protect against possible increasing temperatures. This is a definite advantage as diffusers can start to become clogged without the homeowner being aware of it. This sturdy pump has a life expectancy of 5-9 years with proper installation and maintenance. The self-cooling design draws more cooling intake air over the coils reducing the temperature seen on the interior of the pump, further extending the life of the unit. Maintenance on the pump is relatively easy. Clean the filter, as required. This oil-less design does not need additional lubrication.



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