Prime Air J100-12 Jet Alternative Aerator

Prime Air J100-12 Jet Alternative Aerator


If it’s time to replace you shaft aerator, the Prime Air J100-12 is an exceptionally efficient alternative septic shaft for your Jet Aeration Systems. This highly reliable replacement shaft aerator was designed with longevity and durability in mind. The Prime Air J100-12 uses a high efficiency Marathon Electric motor that only draws 3.5 amps. It is designed to give you the best results, without driving up your power bill. The product is made with the motor in mind. All its features are meant to increase the longevity of the motor, so you don’t have to waste money or time. The Prime Air J100-12 features coronation resistant brackets with a rubber sheath to prevent vibration and extend the life of the motor. Furthermore, he suds restrictor has been reduced in size. This important feature reduces the weight and drag on the motor, and stops water from splashing onto the motor. This increases the longevity of the pump, and protects the motor from wastewater. The aspirator is designed to create less drag, allowing the motor to run at a lower temperature, ultimately ensuring a longer, more efficient motor life. The shaft is made with high-quality stainless steel for prevent corrosion resistance. This energy efficient shaft aerator is easy to install. Some assembly is required. The Prime Air J100-12 comes with a one-year warranty, but is built to last much longer. The Prime Air J100-12 can replace the following shaft aerators: Jet 660 Jet 665 Jet 700LL Any Other Jet Aerator Ultra-Air Model 735 Red Flagg-Air 340HP-J


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    • What is the lenth across the brackets on the top

      12 inches is the width of the brackets.