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Prime Air J1000-12 Alternative Jet Septic Aerator

by Jet
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Prime Air J1000-12 Jet Alternative Septic Aerator


An aerobic septic air pump is crucial for ensuring the well being and efficiency of your entire septic system. In fact, without the help of air, your septic system would essentially be treating your water through unsatisfactory anaerobic processes. Without the addition of an effective air pump, your water will smell like raw sewage. An aerobic septic air pump, forces air into the septic system so that air can sustain the microorganisms that digest the waste. When your aerator stops working, this process cannot take place.If you are looking for a top of the line aerobic septic air pump replacement, we highly recommend the Prime Air J1000-12 Replacement Jet Septic Aerator.

This particular model is a highly reliable replacement shaft aerator that was designed with both longevity, and durability in mind. A key feature of this air pump is the mounting brackets that resist corrosion and have high water stabilizers. Corrosion in an aerators coils is one of the main causes of air pump failure. By taking measures to prevent corrosion, this model is exponentially extending its value. In addition, this model has an improved motor that has less drag. Rather than grabbing at anything floating in the system. The Prime Air J1000-12 takes a more localized approach to eliminating waste. As an extra precaution, a suds restrictor plate has been added to the pump. This ensures that foam from bacteria has been completely eliminated rather than building up in the septic system. 

If you want to create an effective waste management system that utilizes the best aerobic processes, be sure to check out The Prime Air J1000-12. From its guaranteed easy installation,to its internal system that is designed for continuous operation, you will never worry about the safety of your family. For more information on the Prime Air J1000-12 Replacement Jet Septic Aerator, check out Wholesale Septic supply, today.

**It is your responsibility to know your counties regulations and rules. This is not a JET aerator, it is an alternative replacement.**


Leg Measurement is 12" in diameter


Rated Voltage 115 Volts

Power Supply Frequency 60 Hz

Current 3.5 Amps

Power 1/4 hp

RPM 1750

Length 44 in

Width 12 in

Depth 12 in

*If your aerator is set on a timer to go on/off, this aerator will not work for you* One Year warranty


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