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Secoh EL-120 Series Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit

The Secoh EL-120 rebuild kit provides you with everything you need to fully rebuild your Secoh EL-120 septic air pump.
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  • Included in the kit are the following parts and equipment: 4 Diaphragms 4 chamber blocks 2 filters 8 magnet spacers About Secoh Easypump Offering pumps to satisfy just about any task, Secoh Easypump prides itself in its versatility. Pumps from Secoh Easypump are designed to manage the cleanliness and function of everything from aquariums to wastewater treatment systems. Each pump boasts the signature Secoh Easypump design. Because the pump parts and motor share a single construction, the pump as a whole is a lot less cumbersome and easy to move and manage for basic maintenance.

    Moreover, the pump is made from soundproof casing and has a muffler that works expertly with the design of the tank, which means minimal noise. Perhaps most important, Secoh Easypump pumps are energy efficient, as they make use of electromagnetic oscillation. This reduces the need for energy-wasting parts. Diaphragms The diaphragms built for septic pumps are made from material that is durable enough to withstand the conditions of the system but flexible enough to function as gatekeeper. In short, the diaphragms help regulate the air that enters and exits the pump.

    Included in the Secoh EL-120 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit are four diaphragms for optimal pump function. Filters The filters on an air pump are essential for a functioning septic system. Without them, waste matter risks building up within the system, causing damage that will cost you in the long run.

    Also included with the Secoh EL-120 Septic Air Pump Rebuild Kit are two filters to get your septic air pump running efficiently again. Magnet Spacers In order to function at maximum capacity, it is essential that you take into account magnet alignment when rebuilding your Secoh EL series septic air pump. Included in the Secoh EL-120 Septic Rebuild Kit are eight magnet spacers to help ensure that alignment is correct. Use plastic shims for optimal accuracy.


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