Secoh EL-120-W Septic Air Pump

Secoh EL-120-W Septic Air Pump


If you are searching for a new or replacement 120 liter Septic Air Pump, the Secoh EL-120-W Septic air pump may be the option for you. This septic aerator is used for 750 GPD to 1000 GPD aerobic septic systems. 

Secoh is a Japanese company that prides itself on building long-lasting products that get the job done. These long lasting pumps can operate for 5 years without needing major maintenance work. The Secoh EL-120-W also has an low vibration design, so it operates at a very low volume. 

The Secoh EL-120-W pumps 125 liters of air per minute, with a 2.8 PSI rated operating pressure. The energy efficient machine operates on just 126 watts, so you won’t see your power bill skyrocket. 

If you currently own a Secoh EL-120-W Septic Air Pump, but it has stopped working, you may not have to buy a completely new pump right away. If you pump is under 10 years old it may be able to be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost. Wholesale Septic Supply offers rebuild kits for the Secoh EL-120-W Septic Air Pump. Septic Air Pumps can typically be rebuilt at home in under 30 minutes. However, if your aerator is showing signs of rust via red dust, you will not be able to rebuild. If you spot rust, you need to purchase a brand new model. 


  • 6.00 CFM Open Flow
  • 125 Liters of Air Per Minute
  • 2.8 PSI Rated Operating Pressure
  • 115VAC, 60 Hz, 3.1A, 126 Watts
  • Dimensions: 14.06'' L x 9.72'' W x 8.98" H
  • 35.3lbs

Condition: Brand New

Includes Rubber 90 Connection Fitting

One Year Warranty



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