Tank Adapter Ring (TAR) 16" Tuf-Tite

Tank Adapter Ring (TAR) 16" Tuf-Tite

Tuf-Tite 16" TAR (Tank Adapter Ring) 

The TAR (Tank Adapter Ring) is necessary part of putting your risers on your septic tank.

Without the TAR you will not be able to properly seal the tank from incoming dirt and water, or

properly secure the risers to the tank.

Tuf-tite 16" tar (tank adapter ring).


Ask a Question
  • will the adapter ring ( TAR 16" Tuf-Tite cover a 20" square opening?

    If you have measured across the opening from corner to corner and it is 20" then yes it will fit. If you measured corner to corner, not across the opening then it will not fit and you will need a 20" septic adapter ring.

  • I have a round opening of 16” And only has a surface of 2” around to bolt it down So the opening is 16” and outside perimeter is 18” will this adapter work for me?

    You don need bolts or anchor scews to hold down the ring. We provide an sealent that ancors down the TAR ring with the kits and the scews to join all the risers and lids.