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Zoeller 8/10HP Grinder Pump 15' Cord 115V

by Unknown Vendor
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Zoeller 8/10HP Grinder Pump 15' Cord 115V


Zoeller’s grinder pumps are a great choice when you need to turn sewage into a slurry. The cutter on the bottom of the unit will ensure that all of the flush able waste is shredded into small pieces. Grinding the solids in the wastewater helps transport the solids and reduce the size of the pipe required on the discharge side of the pipe.

Grinder pumps are great for applications where flush able material needs to be transported a long distance. This is because grinder pumps can usually handle more head pressure than non-grinder sewage pumps. The most common application for grinder pumps is for residences that need to pump their sewage uphill to a municipal sewer system.

Much like the other submersible pumps that WSS offers, Zoeller’s grinder pumps and their motors sit inside the fluid that they will pump.

Do not forget to purchase a float switch with your new pump! WSS offers a wide array of float switches that can be paired with this pump. If you have trouble finding a float switch, give WSS a call at 936-681-8198.

Please Note that when ordering these large pumps, our FREE shipping does NOT apply to these Grinder Pumps. Once we receive freight rates, we will reach out to you for payment for the additional shipping cost.


Motor HP

0.8 HP


115 V




9.0 A

Discharge Size

1-1/4’’ NPT

Cord Length

15 ft

Maximum Head

45 ft

Maximum Flow Rate

40 GPM


65 LBS



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