Septic Air Pumps

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Septic Air Pumps

Septic Air Pumps


Air pumps, also known as an aerators or air compressors, are critical to the function of an aerobic septic system. These products supply oxygen to the bacteria in the septic system. If these devices are not present or are not working properly, the bacteria in an aerobic system will die, and the system will no longer treat wastewater effectively.

There are many different types of septic aerators, and each type has its advantages. For example, the most common type of septic air compressor is the linear diaphragm aerator. Those aerators are fantastic for the average septic system. They last a long time and are easy to rebuild. However, rotary vane air compressors are far more suited for large systems. That is because rotary vane aerators are able to move more air than other types of septic air pumps.

Septic air compressors are usually found near the control panel for the septic system. Also, an air hose often connects the aerator to a pressure switch on the control panel. If the air compressor loses air pressure, the pressure switch will activate an alarm.

How long does a septic aerator usually last?

Most septic air compressors will last about three years before a malfunction occurs. Fortunately, spare parts and rebuild kits are available for all of the major aerator brands. These kits can be far more cost effective than purchasing a new aerator.