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Sta-Rite Dominator 20DOM05121 20 gpm 115V 1/2 hp Effluent Pump

Sta-Rite High Head Submersible Effluent Pumps are used to pump treated effluent or wastewater from an aerobic treatment system to a spray irrigation or sprinkler system, drip irrigation system, mound system, or any other high-pressure secondary treatment system.
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Important Info

We will not warranty these water pumps if the float is not purchased. Please follow the below link to order the pump and float together. Sta-Rite Dominator Effluent Pump W/Float
  • Key Features
  • Specs
  • Warranty
  • The S.T.E.P. Plus D-Series 4 20 gpm submersible pump series models dominate with superior draw-down capability. Sold & proven in aerobic & filtered effluent service applications. The plus sign indicates that it has an extra stage that gives more head pressure and for further runs of sprinkler pipe. This is also a favorite cistern pump and water pressure booster pumps.

    Key Features

    • 1/ 2 HP
    •  115 Volt , single-phase, 2-wire
    • 1 1/4" discharge
    • Superior draw-down capability to 4-1/2” (114mm) vs. 13-1/2” (343mm) on a standard NEMA 4.
    • 25% Reduced AMP-draw vs. a standard NEMA 4.
    • Cooler and quieter operation – eliminates expensive flow inducer sleeves
    • UL, CSA Listed
    • Stainless steel and composite construction
    • Proven SignaSeal staging
    • Exclusive STA-RITE® dry-run capability
    • Enclosed and self-lubricated Nylatron® shaft-bearing resists wear from abrasives
    • Heavy 7/16” (12mm) positive drive 300 Series stainless steel hexagonal shaft
    • Stainless steel intake screen – allows for .080” solids

    • One Year Warranty with the purchase of a Float Switch
    • Warranty covers manufacturer defects only

Questions & Answers

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  • Hardwire, or cord, if cord how long, thaks, Ken

    You have to hard wire these pumps. They have a 10 ft lead cord that is already hardwired to the pump all the pumps like this that we sell 110 volts. You will have a white wire, black wire , and green wire.

  • Wat u mean by I gotta wire it up

    It does not have plug it must be hard wired in. 

  • I have this pump in my aerobic system I notice today that the sprinkler pressures wasn't very strong as usual. I pulled it out and cleaned it with no such luck the same. Is it possible the pump is getting weak. Or is it that it either works or don't work (no in between) The pump is only 6 years old. And are they repairable

    They are not rebuildable and not having the system pumped every 4-5 years due to them sucking from the bottom will cause damage to the pump. You will more than likely need a new pump. 

  • What size is the discharge piping?

    the discharge size is 1 1/4" NPT

  • How many amps?

    This pump runs at about 9-10 amps. 

  • Can you pump a septic tank out with this

    Yes as long as it is treated effluent. Treated effluent is the water that an aerobic treatment unit puts out it is very clean and does not have any noticeable solids. 

  • will this pump fit in a 4 inch well casing

    Yes this will fit into a 4 inch well casing.

  • can I use this in a CISTERN to pressurize my water tank

    Yes, they are used to pressurize water tanks from a cistern that was the original design purpose of these pumps. 

  • Can this pump operate laying horizontal ?

    No, they are not designed to do that you will damage the bearings in the pump. 

  • Is this pump good for a 60' deep well?

    It could pump from that depth no issue.

  • can this pump be 'valved down' to restrict its output to 2 gallons per minute?

    No you would almost be dead head the pump and you would burn the motor up.

  • How far up hill will this push to field lines

    pretty good distance 80-100 feet up hill